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Pathways management has experience in the packaging and graphic and printing industry that

goes back 30 years and has earned the respect of customers, equipment resellers, and manufacturers of equipment right across Canada and in the United States. We share our knowledge and our financial expertise in these industries where the ongoing challenges seem to be both new and old alike.

Changing technology can mean a change in how equipment is financed.

  • Can soft costs such as software and shipping and training be included in the financing?

  • Should some equipment be financed over a shorter term to avoid obsolescence or can it simply be upgraded?

  • Should you proceed now with new technology or wait for the next big thing?

  • Can you afford to get the equipment now OR can you afford NOT to get the equipment now?"

These questions and more are all questions that Pathways can help you with. We take the time to talk to each and every one of our customers but before we do so, we listen to them first because we know that every one of them may have different concerns to address and priorities to maintain. We welcome our customers to take advantage of our consulting services when it comes to equipment financing and related concerns for any kind of equipment in any industry.

Pathways' creativity and expertise ensure that the best final solution can be obtained to get new or used equipment on the production floor and making money for Canadian companies. We know we are doing a good job when our customers continue to use our services time and time again.

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